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Chemical Compound Review

Alveograf     pentacalcium hydroxide triphosphate

Synonyms: Radiesse, Ossopan, Periograf, Durapatite, Monite, ...
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  • Osteonectin is a 32,000 dalton bone-specific protein that binds selectively to both hydroxyapatite and collagen [9].
  • Two dyneins have been isolated from axonemes of Chlamydomonas flagella by a three step procedure consisting of extraction in a high salt containing buffer, hydroxyapatite chromatography and sedimentation in sucrose gradient [10].
  • Using a procedure involving DEAE-cellulose, hydroxyapatite and gel filtration column chromatography, we obtained a fraction from human platelets which apparently can compete with 3H--cytochalasin B for binding to spectrin-actin complexes from human erythrocytes [11].
  • Thermal stability was measured by hydroxyapatite thermal chromatography, S1 nuclease resistance after heating in a solvent which neutralizes the effect of DNA base composition, and spectrophotometric melting [12].
  • Analysis of hybrids on hydroxyapatite in the presence of 8 M urea demonstrated that the poly(A) RNA complementary to repetitive DNA sequence components represented a population of molecules distinct from the population complementary to single-copy DNA [13].

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  • The kinetics of reassociation were studied by means of hydroxyapatite chromatography, single-strand-specific S1 nuclease, and optical methods of assay [19].
  • These single copy sequences included about one third of the total nonrepetitive sequence in the genome as determined by the amounts recovered during the hydroxyapatite fractionation and by reassociation kinetics [20].
  • To test this concept, single copy DNA sequences contiguous to interspersed repetitive sequences were prepared from sea urchin DNA by hydroxyapatite fractionation (repeat-contiguous DNA fraction) [20].
  • The distribution of the middle repetitive sequences in the genome has been studied by an examination in the electron microscope of the structures obtained when middle repetitive sequences present on large DNA strands reassociate and by the hydroxyapatite binding methods developed by Davidson et al [21].
  • The organization of three sequence classes--single copy, repetitive, and inverted repeated sequences--within the human genome has been studied by renaturation techniques, hydroxylapatite binding methods, and DNA hyperchromism [22].

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