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Colipase and maximally activated pancreatic lipase in normal subjects and patients with steatorrhea.

Human pancreatic lipase in duodenal secretions was studied under conditions of maximal activation by porcine colipase and maximal inhibition by sodium taurodeoxycholate. In almost all samples, total lipase activity in 4 mM sodium taurodeoxycholate was activated by the addition of porcine colipase. Activation was linear until saturation by cofactor was reached, and maximum activity was greater than that obtained in the absence of bile salts. At pH 8.0 in 4 mM sodium taurodeoxycholate, lipase activity was due to pancreatic lipase in samples from normal and steatorrheic individuals and was proportional to the concentration of endogenous colipase in samples that could be activated by exogenous colipase. In these samples, therefore, colipase activity could be conveniently assayed as the lipase activity at pH 0.8 in 4 mM sodium taurodeoxycholate. Colipase to total pancreatic lipase ratios varied widely from individual to individual and on average were significantly lower in steatorrheic patients. In individual samples, colipase secretion was stimulated by pancreozymin and secretin roughly in parallel with total pancreatic lipase, but some variation in the ratio of the two was often seen in successive collection periods. Because pancreatic lipase is usually unsaturated with respect to cofactor, lipolytic activity in duodenal secretions may be finely controlled by modulation of colipase secretion.[1]


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