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Cefsulodin kinetics in renal impairment.

Cefsulodin kinetics were determined after a 500-mg dose to normal subjects and patients with varying degrees of renal insufficiency, including those requiring hemodialysis. Elimination kinetics were described by a two-compartment model. Steady-state volume of distribution was 0.26 l/kg regardless of renal function. When glomerular filtration rate (GFR) was more than 80 ml/min, elimination half-life (t1/2) was 1.9 hr, total body clearance (ClT) was 2.01 ml/kg/min, and renal clearance (ClR) was 1.09 ml/kg/ in. When GFR ranged from 79 to 53 ml/min, t1/2 was 2.9 hr, ClT was 1.17 ml/kg/min, and ClR was 0.65 ml/kg/min. In subjects with moderate renal failure in whom GFR was 32 to 22 ml/min, t1/2 was 5.7 hr, Clt was 0.66 ml/kg/min, and ClR was 0.26 ml/kg/min. In anuric patients t1/2 was 13.0 hr. and ClT was 0.19 ml/kg/min or 9.5% of ClT in normal subjects. There was a linear relationship between ClT and GFR such that ClT = 0.19 + 0.017 GFR (r = 0.95). During hemodialysis the average plasma flow was 122 ml/min, dialyzer plasma clearance was 50.9 ml/min, plasma drug concentration was reduced by 60%, and t1/2 fell to 2.1 hr. After dialysis the elimination rate appeared to return to that in nondialysis studies. Therefore, renal failure reduces the ClT of cefsulodin. In hemodialysis patients the maintenance dose of cefsulodin should be reduced to 10% of normal and 60% of the dose should be given after hemodialysis.[1]


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