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Kidney Failure

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Disease relevance of Kidney Failure


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High impact information on Kidney Failure

  • These compensatory changes are adequate to maintain electrolyte and water homeostasis until severe renal failure ensures (GFR less than 20% of normal) [11].
  • Fluid secretion in the nephron: Relation to renal failure [12].
  • Mutations of the ciliary protein inversin cause nephronophthisis type II, an autosomal recessive cystic kidney disease characterized by extensive renal cysts, situs inversus and renal failure [13].
  • Impaired function of p53R2 in Rrm2b-null mice causes severe renal failure through attenuation of dNTP pools [14].
  • Impairment of this pathway may enhance spontaneous mutation frequency and activate p53-dependent apoptotic pathway(s) in vivo, causing severe renal failure, growth retardation and early mortality [14].

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