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Affinity therapeutics. 1. Selective incorporation of 2-thiouracil derivatives in murine melanomas. Cytostatic activity of 2-thiouracil arotinoids, 2-thiouracil retinoids, arotinoids, and retinoids.

The incorporation of 2-[35S]thiouracil and two of its derivatives into murine melanomas, in vivo, was studied. It was confirmed [J. R. Whittaker, J. Biol. Chem., 246, 6217--6226 (1971)] that 2-thiouracil has a marked affinity for melanin-producing tissue and that an affinity for such tissue could be sustained by 5-substituted 2-thiouracils. A series of derivatives of arotinoids and retinoids, with or without a 2-thiouracil group as a potential carrier to obtain affinity for melanomas, was examined for cytostatic activity, in vitro. None of these showed significant activity against murine melanomas.[1]


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