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Chemical Compound Review

AC1MXIRZ     2-sulfanylidene-5H-pyrimidin- 4-one

Synonyms: NSC-1905, NSC1905, CTK8I8992
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Disease relevance of NSC1905


High impact information on NSC1905


Chemical compound and disease context of NSC1905


Biological context of NSC1905

  • Photosensitized damage to supercoiled plasmid DNA induced by 334-nm radiation in the presence of 2-thiouracil consists of alkali- and piperidine-labile sites as well as frank strand breaks [15].
  • Induction of cell killing, mutation and umu gene expression by 6-mercaptopurine or 2-thiouracil with UVA irradiation [11].
  • The hybridization affinity and base pair recognition ability of oligonucleotides having 2-thiouracil moieties with both the complementary RNAs and DNAs were also studied in detail [16].

Anatomical context of NSC1905

  • Several 5-diethylaminomethyl derivatives and nitrogen mustards of uracil and 2-thiouracil have been synthesized and tested for their potential anticancer activity in vitro on KB cells and in vivo on Ehrlich carcinoma [17].
  • From 6 to 12 weeks of age, four lambs in the treatment group received 15 mg kg(-1) body weight per day of 6-propyl 2-thiouracil orally to suppress normal thyroid function [18].

Associations of NSC1905 with other chemical compounds


Gene context of NSC1905

  • To obtain a more definitive estimate of the relative stabilities for 2-thiouracil tautomers in the gas phase, single-point MP2/6-31+G** calculations were performed on the HF/6-31+G** optimized geometries [23].
  • ESR of irradiated 2-thiouracil single crystals. A 3alpha-hydrogen radical [24].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of NSC1905


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