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Chronic exposure to caffeine during early development modifies spatial behavior in juvenile jewel fish schools.

Thirty sibling African jewel fish (Hemichromis bimaculatus) were either chronically exposed to caffeine between 50 to 100 days of age (at a concentration of 14 mg/l) or reared without drug in a control environment. After caffeine was withdrawn, fish in each group were videotaped for 30 minutes while schooling in a large tank. From the video record, mean distances and coefficients of variation of spacing were computed for each fish and its 1st to 9th nearest neighbors in all observations. Spacing distances were nearly identical for the two groups, but the caffeine fish exhibited much more variability in their spacing behavior (p less than 0.00001). This study demonstrates an effect on behavior of moderate caffeine levels present throughout the early developmental period, and illustrates a quantitative method to test for such effects.[1]


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