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Systemic control of cattle grubs (Hypoderma spp.) in steers treated with Warbex and weight gains associated with grub control.

When applied to yearling steers on November 30, pour-on applications of famphur at 40 or 50 mg/kg were unsatisfactory for systemic grub control as they only reduced the number of warble grubs by 52.2 and 68.4%, respectively. The treatments, which had no adverse effects on the health of steers or cellular constituents of their blood, reduced the whole-blood cholinesterase, with the maximum reduction occurring 15 days after treatment. Low ambient temperatures prevailing at the time of treatment and during the two following weeks might have impeded the absorption of famphur through the skin and reduced its effectiveness for grub control. With the grub damage kept to the minimum by weekly manual removal of warble grubs, the groups treated with famphur at 40 or 50 mg/kg outgained (P less than 0.05) the untreated group by 29.9 and 13.4 kg/steer, respectively, during the posttreatment period of 181 days. These results indicate the economic benefits of grub control.[1]


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