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Gene Review

BCHE  -  butyrylcholinesterase

Bos taurus

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Anatomical context of BCHE

  • Affinity and carbamylation rate constants of propoxur in reaction with erythrocyte and serum cholinesterase [15].
  • Km and vmax values are given for the hydrolytic activity of porcine liver carboxylic ester hydrolase, wheat germ lipase, candida cylindracea lipase, hog kidney acylase I, and bovine pancreas alpha-chymotrypsin, while others (acetylesterase, trypsin, and cholinesterase) were studied qualitatively [16].
  • ACh content in the culture medium after 24 h of incubation in the presence of isoflurophate, a nonspecific cholinesterase inhibitor, was about 16 times higher than that in endothelial cells, indicating that ACh synthesized inside the cells was released rapidly [17].
  • The cholinesterase activity among erythrocytes, plasma, and cerebrospinal fluid of these species was also compared statistically [18].
  • Five weeks later, the bull had gained weight, the blood cholinesterase activity was 70% of normal, and the results of a semen evaluation indicated he was a satisfactory potential breeder [19].

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