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Weight Gain

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Disease relevance of Weight Gain


Psychiatry related information on Weight Gain


High impact information on Weight Gain

  • Interestingly, a high-fat diet increases the TIF2/SRC-1 expression ratio, which may contribute to weight gain [11].
  • (Feed efficiency is the ratio of weight gain to food intake.) Consistent with increased fat mass, Mc3r(-/-) mice are hyperleptinaemic and male Mc3r(-/-) mice develop mild hyperinsulinaemia [12].
  • As compared with their weight in late September or early October, the study subjects had an average net weight gain of 0.48+/-2.22 kg in late February or March (P=0.003) [13].
  • The mean dose of prednisone, the number of patients taking antihypertensive medications, the average number of episodes of rejection and of infection during the study period, and weight gain did not differ significantly between the groups [14].
  • Weight gain at seven weeks was significantly less in the combined-treatment group than in the bupropion group and the placebo group (P<0.05 for both comparisons) [15].

Chemical compound and disease context of Weight Gain

  • Valproate was associated more frequently than carbamazepine with a weight gain of more than 5.5 kg (12 lb) (20 percent vs. 8 percent, P less than 0.001), with hair loss or change in texture (12 percent vs. 6 percent, P = 0.02), and with tremor (45 percent vs. 22 percent, P less than 0.001) [16].
  • Habitual consumption of ethanol in excess of energy needs probably favors lipid storage and weight gain [17].
  • Both salts induced substantial and comparable sodium retention, weight gain, and suppression of plasma renin activity and plasma aldosterone, but supplemental sodium chloride increased plasma volume and urinary excretion of calcium, whereas sodium citrate did not [18].
  • Relatively low plasma leptin concentrations precede weight gain in Pima Indians [19].
  • However, these rats showed the same reduced acceptance of sucrose solutions, enhanced rejection of quinine solutions, and exaggerated weight gain on a high-fat diet as did other rats made obese by medial hypothalamic lesions alone [20].

Biological context of Weight Gain


Anatomical context of Weight Gain


Gene context of Weight Gain

  • The Inppl1(-/-) mice are, however, highly resistant to weight gain when placed on a high-fat diet [31].
  • Moreover, the Socs3-deficient mice were resistant to high fat diet-induced weight gain and hyperleptinemia, and insulin-sensitivity was retained [32].
  • Furthermore, BDNF infusion into the brain suppressed the hyperphagia and excessive weight gain observed on higher-fat diets in mice with deficient MC4R signaling [33].
  • Here we demonstrate that male Ghrl-/- mice are protected from the rapid weight gain induced by early exposure to a high-fat diet 3 weeks after weaning (6 weeks of age) [7].
  • Nicotine abstinent subjects, but not nicotine-naive controls, experienced a 35% appetite suppression and a 25% weight gain reduction following acute and chronic administration, respectively, of CRF-BP ligand inhibitor [34].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Weight Gain


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