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The effect of methoprene as a feed additive on house fly emergence in poultry houses.

Field trials were conducted in 1974 and 1975 using an encapsulated formulation of methoprene (AltosidTM) applied as a feed additive at rates of 7.5 and 10.0 ppm (AI in feed) to control Musca domestica L. in poultry houses. Only limited inhibition of house fly emergence was obtained. In addition, the percentage of house fly emergence in each trial gradually increased as the season progressed. Comparison bioassays were conducted at the end of the 1975 season between field-pressured strains and lab-reared susceptible strains. Results from the field trials and comparison bioassays indicated that the causes of the poor inhibition were an existing cross-resistance to methoprene followed by an induction of resistance resulting from the continuous exposure to methoprene.[1]


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