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Pharmacokinetics of carminomycin in dogs and humans. Preliminary report.

Carminomycin was administered to four dogs and two human patients as a single intravenous dose. Plasma samples were obtained and assayed for carminomycin and carminomycinol by high pressure liquid chromatography with fluorescence detection. The plasma disappearance of carminomycin could be described by a three-compartment open model. Distribution was rapid and the apparent volume of distribution was greater than 100 l/m2 in both species. The terminal half-life of drug was 86 h in dogs and 20 h in humans. In both dogs and humans carminomycinol concentrations rapidly surpassed carminomycin levels, and terminal half-lives were longer than for the parent compound in the two species. Since carminomycinol has antitumor activity and host toxicity, this metabolite may play an important role in the efficacy and toxicity of carminomycin therapy.[1]


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