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Regulation of canine renal vesicle Pi transport by growth hormone and parathyroid hormone.

Renal phosphate (Pi) reabsorption is increased by growth hormone ( GH) and decreased by parathyroid hormone ( PTH). Na+-stimulated Pi transport across the brush border membrane of the proximal tubule is the initial step in the process of Pi reabsorption. To determine whether changes in Pi reabsorption induced by GH or PTH are accompanied by changes in brush border membrane Na+-gradient-stimulated Pi transport, we examined the effect of in vivo GH and PTH administration and thyroparathyroidectomy on Pi transport by isolated brush border membrane vesicles prepared from canine kidney. In experiments in which the effect of PTH administration was examined, the same animal provided the control kidney (before PTH administration) and the experimental kidney (after PTH administration). The Na+-gradient Pi overshoot in vesicles isolated from normal, GH-treated and thyroparathyroidectomized dogs was increased after in vivo PTH administration. GH administration and thyroparathyroidectomy increased the height of the overshoot compared to normal. PTH administration decreased the apparent V value by 44% in vesicles from normal animals. The apparent V value was increased, compared to normal, by GH (34%) and thyroparathyroidectomy (57%). PTH administration decreased the apparent V in both the latter groups. GH administration to thyroparathyroidectomized dogs further increased the apparent V. Changes in the apparent V paralleled changes in Pi reabsorption in vivo induced by experimental manipulations. We conclude that changes in renal Pi reabsorption induced by GH were like those induced by PTH, accompanied by changes in the Na+-stimulated Pi transport system in the renal brush border membrane, and that the effect of PTH on vesicular Pi transport in GH-treated dogs did not differ from the effect on vesicles from normal animals.[1]


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