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  • AQP7 is abundant in the brush border of proximal tubule cells and is likely to be involved in proximal tubule water reabsorption [7].
  • Among the molecularly identified sodium-phosphate (Na/P(i)) cotransport systems a brush-border membrane type IIa Na-P(i) cotransporter is the key player in proximal tubular P(i) reabsorption [8].
  • HCP 1 protein was iron regulated and localized to the brush-border membrane of duodenal enterocytes in iron deficiency [9].
  • Upon LKB1 activation, single cells rapidly remodel their actin cytoskeleton to form an apical brush border [10].
  • The junctional proteins ZO-1 and p120 redistribute in a dotted circle peripheral to the brush border, in the absence of cell-cell contacts [10].

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Gene context of Microvilli

  • The enhanced function of LECAM-1-associated sLex may reflect the striking concentration, shown here, of LECAM-1 on PMN surface microvilli, the site of initial cellular contact [29].
  • Moreover, EBP50 and ezrin can be coimmunoprecipitated as a complex from isolated human placental microvilli [30].
  • The ezrin/radixin/moesin antisense PONs mixture induced the destruction of both cell-cell and cell-substrate adhesion, as well as the disappearance of microvilli [31].
  • Addition of ezrin antisense oligonucleotides to primary cultures of rat RPE drastically decreased both apical microvilli and basal infoldings [32].
  • Cad99C specifically localizes to apical microvilli [33].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Microvilli


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