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Acebutolol and left ventricular function: assessment by radionuclide angiography.

We assessed the effects of acebutolol, a cardioselective beta blocker, on global and regional left ventricular function in 26 patients with chronic angina pectoris. All patients underwent rest and maximal supine bicycle exercise radionuclide angiography while on placebo and oral acebutolol (400 mg three times a day). Resting ejection fraction on placebo was 51 +/- 3% and on acebutolol was 54 +/- 3% (p less than 0.05). No resting ejection fraction decreased greater than or equal to 7%. Only one patient (resting ejection fraction 28% on placebo and 21% on acebutolol) developed signs of fluid retention. Exercise nuclear studies on placebo revealed responses consistent with coronary artery disease (abnormal ejection fraction response to exercise and regional wall motion abnormalities) in 24 of 26 patients. Peak exercise ejection fraction was of the same order on placebo and acebutolol (51 +/- 3% and 54 +/- 3%, p = NS). In four patients the ejection fraction response to exercise became normal and in five patients all regional wall motion abnormalities became normal on acebutolol. Cardioselective beta blockade with acebutolol in effective antianginal doses is safe and may improve resting and exercise ventricular function.[1]


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