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Sectral     N-[3-ethanoyl-4-[2-hydroxy-3- (propan-2...

Synonyms: Neptal, acebutolol, Acebutololo, Prent, Acebutololum, ...
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  • The hemodynamic dose-response effects of intravenous acebutolol, a cardioselective beta-adrenoceptor antagonist with intrinsic sympathomimetic activity, were evaluated in 12 male subjects with angiographically confirmed coronary artery disease [24].
  • Compared with control measurements at rest after saline solution injection, these plasma concentrations of acebutolol resulted in a quadratic reduction in heart rate (maximum delta HR, -4 bpm) and a linear increase in pulmonary artery occluded pressure (maximum delta PAOP, +3 mm Hg) without change in systemic arterial pressure [24].
  • Direct effect of acebutolol on force generation in immature and adult myocardium [25].
  • The effect of acebutolol on active isometric force generation has been studied in isolated papillary muscle preparations from adult cats and kittens less than 24 h old [25].
  • Acebutolol-induced changes in refractoriness and monophastic action potential of the right ventricle of the dog heart in situ [26].

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