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High-performance liquid chromatographic assay for CI-980, a novel 1-deaza-7,8-dihydropteridine anticancer agent, in human plasma and urine.

CI-980, a 1-deaza-7,8-dihydropteridine, is a novel anticancer agent that is a potent mitotic inhibitor acting as a tubulin binder similar to the vinca alkaloids. CI-980 has shown equivalent or superior anticancer activity in vitro compared to vincristine and retains full activity against vincristine resistant tumors in vitro. A high-performance liquid chromatographic (HPLC) assay was developed and validated for human plasma and urine to support Phase 1 clinical trials. CI-980 and PD 080658, internal standard, were isolated from 2-ml samples of human plasma and urine by solid-phase extraction with Bond-Elut C18 cartridges. Urine samples must be pretreated with bovine serum albumin ( BSA) to minimize the binding of CI-980 to glass and some plastics. The eluate from the cartridges for both matrices was evaporated to dryness and taken up in mobile phase. Zorbax RX C18 columns, mobile phase buffer of 10 mM ammonium dihydrogen phosphate at pH 7.5 and a flow-rate of 0.75 ml/min were used for both matrices. Column dimensions, column temperature and mobile phase acetonitrile-buffer ratio were 300 mm x 4.6 mm I.D., 30 degrees C and 38:62 (v/v), respectively, for the plasma assay and 250 mm x 4.6 mm I.D., 35 degrees C and 40:60 (v/v), respectively, for the urine assay. Column effluent was monitored fluorometrically for the plasma method using excitation and emission wavelengths of 388 nm and 473 nm, respectively. Ultraviolet detection at 380 nm was used for the urine method. Peak-area ratios were proportional to CI-980 concentrations from 0.2 to 25 ng/ml and 1 to 100 ng/ml for plasma and urine, respectively. CI-980 in water will bind to glass and plastics but not PTFE or stainless steel. Urine calibration standards were frozen prior to use in order to compensate for loss of CI-980 due to freezing in this matrix. The accuracy of the assay was within 4.7%, with a precision of 5.6% for both matrices. Recoveries ranged from 93.8 to 102% and 90.7 to 92.3% for plasma and urine, respectively. CI-980 was stable in plasma and urine for at least 275 and 217 days, respectively, when stored at -70 degrees C. The assay is suitable for studying the clinical pharmacokinetics of CI-980.[1]


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