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Role of aromatic residues in stabilization of the [Fe4S4] cluster in high-potential iron proteins (HiPIPs): physical characterization and stability studies of Tyr-19 mutants of Chromatium vinosum HiPIP.

The functional role of residue Tyr-19 of Chromatium vinosum HiPIP has been evaluated by site-directed mutagenesis experiments. The stability of the [Fe4S4] cluster prosthetic center is sensitive to side-chain replacements. Polar residues result in significant instability, while nonpolar residues (especially with aromatic side chains) maintain cluster stability. Two-dimensional NMR data of native and mutant HiPIPs are consistent with a model where Tyr-19 serves to preserve the structural rigidity of the polypeptide backbone, thereby maintaining a hydrophobic barrier for exclusion of water from the cluster cavity. Solvent accessibility results in more facile oxidation of the cluster by atmospheric oxygen, with subsequent rapid hydrolysis of the [Fe4S4]3+ core.[1]


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