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Chamber-specific expression of human myocardial proteins detected by two-dimensional gel electrophoresis.

High resolution two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (2-D PAGE), followed by computer-assisted image analysis (PDQUEST) was used to screen atrial and ventricular protein patterns for quantitative and qualitative differences in protein expression. Myocardial proteins from left ventricular (LV) and right atrial (RA) samples from end-stage, failing explanted hearts and from a healthy donor heart (control) were separated by 2-D large gel electrophoresis. Ten RA versus ten LV gels from explanted dilated cardiomyopathic (DCM) hearts were analyzed for quantitative differences in their spot patterns. Of the 197 spots matched to every gel, 40 spots differed significantly in intensity between RA and LV for DCM patients. A larger number of atrial and ventricular gels (20 RA, 20 LV) from DCM patients and from a healthy donor heart (4 RA, 4 LV gels) were analyzed for qualitative differences in protein expression. Three protein spots (SSP 1120: M(r)/pI:20.5 kDa/4.6; SSP 1119: M(r)/pI:20.6 kDa/4.5; SSP 0117:M(r)/pI:20.7/ < 4.5) that are present in all RA gels for DCM patients are absent in all LV gels. Two protein spots (SSP 0112: M(r)/pI:17.2 kDa,/ < 4.4; SSP 0114:M(r)/pI:17.6 kDa/ < 4.4) occur only in all LV gels but not in the RA gels. These five qualitatively differing spots are identical in DCM patients and in the healthy donor heart. Some of the differing spots were internally sequenced and identified as myosin light chain isoforms ( myosin light chain 2, atrial; myosin light chain 2, ventricular; myosin light chain 1, atrial) with the Protein Identification Resource (PIR) accession numbers A44451, S03708, A30881, respectively. Additionally, phosphoglycerate mutase (PIR: JQ0750) and ATP synthase alpha chain (PIR: S17193) were identified. Thus, quantitative and qualitative differences between atrial and ventricular protein patterns were identified by 2-D PAGE. A characteristic distribution of myosin light chains between atrial and ventricular human myocardium was found using our approach.[1]


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