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Insulinotropic action of (2S)-2-benzyl-3-(cis-hexahydro-2-isoindolinylcarbonyl) propionate. II. Ionophoretic and conformational aspects.

1. The non-sulphonylurea insulinotropic agent sodium (2S)-2-benzyl-3-(cis-hexahydro-2-isoindolinylcarbonyl) propionate (KAD-1229) was found to display calcium ionophoretic activity in an artificial membrane model. 2. Conformation analysis indicated that a complex between calcium and KAD-1229, with a 1:2 stoichiometry, indeed displays favourable attributes for ionophoretic activity across a hydrophobic environment. 3. It is speculated that the ionophoretic property of KAD-1229 might participate to the remodelling of cationic fluxes evoked by this insulinotropic agent in pancreatic islet cells.[1]


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