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Dissociation of complexes and their derivatives formed during inhibition of bovine thrombin and activated factor X by antithrombin III.

The complexes formed by antithrombin III with activated bovine Factor X and thrombin have been studied by gel electrophoresis in dodecyl sulfate. When subjected to electrophoresis at pH 7, the complexes remain intact, whereas electrophoresis at pH 9 in the presence of Tris results in their dissociation. Dissociation of both the Factor Xa-antithrombin III complex and the thrombin-antithrombin III complex in dodecyl sulfate produces a modified form of antithrombin III which, unlike the native inhibitor, apparently consists of two chains. Gel electrophoresis of the dissociated complexes has also been used to study the sites where the complexes are cleaved by the respective enzymes. The cleavage of the Factor Xa-inhibitor complex by Factor Xa apparently results from hydrolysis of a single bond in the enzyme part of the complex and releases a 15,000-dalton NH2-terminal fragment of the heavy chain, with the light chain attached. Cleavage of the thrombin-inhibitor complex by thrombin involves several cleavages of the heavy (B) chain of the thrombin part of that complex. Neither enzyme-inhibitor complex is subject to cleavage by free enzyme in the inhibitor part of the complex under the conditions used.[1]


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