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Sexual differences in the Golgi apparatus of rat hepatocytes: three-dimensional analysis.

Lipid metabolism takes place in the Golgi apparatus, but at a higher rate in female than in male rats. I therefore examined the Golgi apparatus by morphometric means for differences between the sexes at the light- and electron-microscopic level. The Golgi apparatus was stained in situ by a zinc-iodide-osmium method. The counts of the Golgi apparatus in cross-sections in female hepatocytes by light microscopy were approximately twice that in male hepatocytes. Upon ovariectomy, these counts were greatly reduced but were reestablished after estrogen supplement. To clarify this phenomenon, three-dimensional reconstructions of the Golgi apparatus were produced from electron-microscopic images of serially cut 160-nm sections. The Golgi apparatus of both male and ovariectomized females had the shape of a small ring, whereas it took the form of a large elongated cylinder in normal females and in castrated males after treatment with estrogen. The numerical difference in Golgi apparatus counts by light microscopy of in males and females is, therefore, apparently attributable to the size and shape of the Golgi apparatus, and is controlled by the estrogen level.[1]


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