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Lipid Metabolism

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Chemical compound and disease context of Lipid Metabolism


Biological context of Lipid Metabolism


Anatomical context of Lipid Metabolism


Associations of Lipid Metabolism with chemical compounds

  • In contrast, captopril appears to have beneficial or no effects on glucose and lipid metabolism [31].
  • Zebrafish are a valuable model for mammalian lipid metabolism; larvae process lipids similarly through the intestine and hepatobiliary system and respond to drugs that block cholesterol synthesis in humans [32].
  • Because of the apparent restriction of adipsin synthesis to tissues highly active in lipid metabolism, its presence in serum, and its modulation in altered metabolic states, this molecule may play a previously unrecognized role in systemic lipid metabolism or energy balance [33].
  • This study documents the role of the retinoid signaling pathway in formation and maintenance of a functional epidermis and provides the first evidence that this is mediated in part by modulation of lipid metabolism [34].
  • Sustained and dynamic inositol lipid metabolism inside and outside the immunological synapse [35].

Gene context of Lipid Metabolism

  • The obese Il6-/- mice had disturbed carbohydrate and lipid metabolism, increased leptin levels and decreased responsiveness to leptin treatment [36].
  • Lipoprotein lipase is a key enzyme of lipid metabolism that acts to hydrolyze triglycerides, providing free fatty acids for cells and affecting the maturation of circulating lipoproteins [37].
  • PPARalpha is a nuclear receptor controlling lipid metabolism and inflammation, but its role in the regulation of SMC growth remains to be established [38].
  • The role of FAA1 in cellular lipid metabolism and protein N-myristoylation was therefore assessed in strains subjected to biochemical or genetic blockade of FAS [39].
  • The role that noncoding variable sites play in the explanation of pleiotropic effects on different measures of lipid metabolism reveals that both regulatory and structural functional variation in the APOE gene influences measures of lipid metabolism [40].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Lipid Metabolism


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