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Low-dose droperidol reduces postoperative vomiting in paediatric day surgery.

In a prospective, randomized, blind study, we assessed the effectiveness of droperidol 20 micrograms kg-1 i.v., given at induction of anaesthesia, in preventing postoperative vomiting in paediatric day-case patients. We studied 270 children, aged 1-15 yr, undergoing body surface surgery. There was a significant reduction in the incidence of vomiting in the recovery room (1.4% vs 9.2%, P < 0.005) and in the day ward (9.4% vs 18.3%, P < 0.05) in patients receiving droperidol. There was no significant difference on the journey home (9.5% vs 17.83%, ns) or at home (16.7% vs 10.3%, ns). There was also a reduction in the severity of vomiting in the droperidol group. There were no adverse side effects.[1]


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