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Elderly people's adaptability to complete denture therapy: usability of a geriatric behaviour-rating scale as a predictor.

Accurately predicting prognosis of complete denture therapy requires a reasonable estimation of the ability of a patient to adapt. The aim of the current study was to test the usability of a geriatric behaviour-rating scale ( BOP) as a predictor of elderly people's ability to adapt after complete denture therapy. Ninety-five complete denture-wearing residents of four nursing homes for somatically handicapped patients were randomly divided into two groups, 48 test subjects for whom replacement dentures were prepared and 47 test subjects whose current dentures were improved on. The results of these treatments were evaluated by comparing the scores on the so-called 'scale of appreciation' (complaints of and (dis)satisfaction with complete dentures) prior to and at 2 and 6 months post-treatment. Univariate correlations were computed between the scores on the 'scale of appreciation' or the differences in scores at the three evaluation-moments and the foremost BOP-subscale (BOP1, infirmity) and some factors that were considered to be of influence on the process of adaptation. The BOP1 was the only factor showing a significant correlation with the 'scale of appreciation' at 2 months posttreatment; this suggests that little infirmity was connected with a low value of complaints of and dissatisfaction with complete dentures or a positive alteration of this value. It is concluded that the BOP1 can be a useful predictor of complete denture therapy in this group of elderly people. A relationship between elderly people's adaptability to complete denture therapy and the BOP or any other geriatric behaviour-rating scale could be possible.[1]


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