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Disease relevance of Dentures


High impact information on Dentures

  • Subjects with N and ILD had significantly lower airflow rates without dentures, whereas subjects with COPD had no significant difference in spirometric values recorded with or without dentures [5].
  • The results argue for the importance of occlusal adjustment of dentures to move the occlusal load point palatally and produce balanced occlusion in protrusion and lateral excursions, especially after a rebase procedure [6].
  • Enamel slabs were mounted in dentures and treated with either 10% sucrose or 10% sucrose plus 20 ppm fluoride mouthrinses for one minute five times daily [7].
  • Artificial caries lesions were implanted in removable dentures and were brushed for two wk or two mo with several fluoride-containing dentifrices [8].
  • Using ceramic materials for an automatic production of ceramic dentures by CAD/CAM is a challenge, because many technological, medical, and optical demands must be considered [9].

Chemical compound and disease context of Dentures


Biological context of Dentures

  • It was concluded that Hibitane could not be recommended for routine denture disinfection, first, because it caused staining of the dentures, second, because of the relative resistance of the yeast to the action of the drug [14].
  • The Clorox/Cascade/H2O solution was most effective at decontamination with 71% of the treated dentures showing no growth of microorganisms [15].

Anatomical context of Dentures

  • MATERIAL AND METHODS: Four one-bottle adhesives (Scotchbond 1, Syntac SC, One-Step and Prime & Bond 2.1) were applied on flat dentin surfaces on human anterior teeth scheduled for extraction for dentures [16].

Associations of Dentures with chemical compounds

  • Release of residual methyl methacrylate into water from glass fibre-poly(methyl methacrylate) composite used in dentures [17].
  • Contact allergy to allergens used in the production of acrylate-based dentures was observed in six (27%) of the cases (all wore a denture); positive reactions were seen to N,N,-dimethyl-4-toluidine (3 cases), to 4-tolyldiethanolamine (2 cases), to benzoylperoxide (2 cases), and to oligotriacrylate (1 case) [18].
  • The dentures with highly crosslinked plastic teeth such as SR-Orthosit, Crystal ND, and Mitel-OM showed poor bonding at the tooth/base resin interface using the conventional bonding method [19].
  • Since 1972, the dentures of 935 patients irradiated for head and neck carcinoma have been preserved after careful selection and according to well-defined criteria, using a prospective programme of daily applications of topical sodium fluoride gel [20].
  • Forty removable poly(methyl methacrylate) dentures were screened for the presence of fluorescent plaque deposits during QLF analysis [21].

Gene context of Dentures

  • Eradication treatment was successful in the remaining four patients whose dentures were MRSA-negative [3].
  • Complete dentures were tested under static compression, and the distribution of stresses along the midline of the upper dentures was determined by means of strain rosettes and by reciprocating compression, the determination of their fatigue strength [22].
  • A total of 32 patients wearing 33 dentures (16 mandibular, 17 maxillary; period of risk [months]: minimum = 3; maximum = 58; mean = 27.6), supported by 147 abutments (83 natural teeth, 64 implants) with ceramic abutment crowns (IPS Empress 1, IPS Empress 2, InCeram, Procera, CerAdapt; CeraBase) were followed at 6-month intervals [23].
  • Barriers to dental care stemmed from: elderly people's beliefs that dentures should last a life-time and dental visits are unnecessary for edentulous persons: mobility difficulties; fear; problems with access to NHS care and with access to satisfactory care [24].
  • In four of the failures, all ITI implants, the prosthetic restorations (fixed dentures and single crowns) had been lost [25].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Dentures


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