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Direct relationship between the expression of tumor suppressor H19 mRNA and c-mos proto-oncogene during myogenesis.

We have cloned and sequenced an almost complete c-DNA and the entire genomic sequence of rat the H19 gene, which is developmentally regulated in skeletal muscle. The data base comparison revealed a 92% homology with mouse gene H19. However the rat H19 ORFs do not display significant homology with the H19 ORFs from other species. In contrast to the mouse, the rat H19 mRNA is not easily detectable in fetal rat skeletal fibers. Its level increases after birth (up to 12 to 18 days) and remains stable thereafter. The pattern of H19 mRNA expression in rat muscle in vivo is very similar to the c-mos gene expression in this tissue, suggesting an interrelationship between H19 and c-mos products during muscle differentiation. Indeed, our results indicate that overexpression of c-mos protein in the muscle cell line C2C12 induces a concomitant increase of H19 mRNA expression. Furthermore, repression of c-mos protein expression by anti-sense RNAs extinguishes H19 mRNA expression and inhibits the differentiation process. These data suggest a relationship between c-mos and H19 expression and, in addition, the involvement of both gene products in the process of myogenesis.[1]


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