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Application of a picrolonate ion-selective electrode to the assay of calcium and piperazine in pharmaceuticals and serum.

The construction and some analytical applications of a liquid picrolonate (Picrl-) ion-selective electrode based on the tris(phenanthrolinato)iron(II) (ferroin) picrolonate salt, dissolved in 2-nitrotoluene, are described. The liquid membrane electrode exhibits a rapid and almost Nernstian response to picrolonate anions in the concentration range from 5 x 10(-2) to 5 x 10(-2) mol l-1. The response is virtually unaffected by pH changes in the range 3-10. Major interferents are picrates, 4-nitrophenolates, 3,5-dinitrosalicylates and 2,4-dinitrophenolates. In analytical applications direct potentiometric methods for the determination of picrolonates and indirect methods for the determination of calcium and piperazine are described. Calcium in the ranges 4-24 and 50-90 mg l-1, under specified experimental conditions, can be determined with mean relative errors of 1.1 and 1.4%, respectively. The method is applicable to soluble samples, pharmaceuticals and industrial and real human serum. Piperazine in the ranges 1-10 and 13-20 mg can be determined with a mean relative error of 1.2% in soluble salts and pharmaceutical formulations, respectively. An accuracy of better than 1.5% and a reproducibility (relative standard deviation) of 0.1% were achieved in the analysis of pharmaceutical products.[1]


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