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Chemical Compound Review

NITROTOLUENE     1-methyl-2-nitro-benzene

Synonyms: o-NT, o-Nitrotoluol, O-NITROTOLUENE, CHEMBL47047, SureCN26788, ...
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Disease relevance of o-Methylnitrobenzene


High impact information on o-Methylnitrobenzene

  • When F344 females with conventional intestinal microflora were gavaged with 2NT and primary hepatocyte cultures were prepared, no unscheduled DNA synthesis was observed (200 mg/kg: -2.6 NG) [5].
  • 2NT did not induce DNA repair in germ-free animals (200 mg/kg: -3.8 NG), whereas DNA repair was induced in Charles River Altered Schaedler Flora-associated animals (200 mg/kg: 5.4 NG) [5].
  • These results demonstrate that the mononitrotoluenes display marked isomeric differences in their genotoxic potential, indicate the obligatory role of intestinal bacteria in the metabolic activation of 2NT, and show that the genotoxic potential of 2NT is dependent upon the sex of the animal under study [5].
  • Twenty-four hr following treatment with 2NT, a 50-fold increase in the number of hepatocytes in S phase was observed and indicated that 2NT induces cell division in addition to DNA repair [5].
  • The recently completed o-nitrotoluene study provided the first cecal tumor response and an opportunity to evaluate the morphology and molecular profile of oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes that are relevant to humans [1].

Chemical compound and disease context of o-Methylnitrobenzene


Biological context of o-Methylnitrobenzene


Anatomical context of o-Methylnitrobenzene


Associations of o-Methylnitrobenzene with other chemical compounds


Gene context of o-Methylnitrobenzene


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of o-Methylnitrobenzene


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