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Nucleotide sequence of human prostatic acid phosphatase ACPP gene, including seven Alu repeats.

The protein-coding sequence of the human ACPP gene was shown to be interrupted by nine introns. The length of intron 1 was at least 5kb, while the sizes of introns 2 to 9 were estimated to be 3.4Kb, 0.5Kb, 5.5Kb, 5.0Kb, 2.0Kb, 5.0Kb, 2.5Kb and 3.5Kb, respectively. Therefore, the human ACPP gene has the size of more than 40kb. Thus far, the genomic sequence of 16,273 nucleotides, including the putative promoter region and seven Alu-repeats, have been determined. Three of these Alu-repeats are located immediately upstream to exon 1 and another is identified in intron 1. All of these Alu-sequences exhibit more than 85% identity to the consensus Alu-sequence.[1]


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