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Suppressors of recB mutations in Salmonella typhimurium.

Using a screen that directly assesses transductional proficiency, we have isolated suppressors of recB mutations in Salmonella typhimurium. The alleles of sbcB reported here are phenotypically distinct from those isolated in Escherichia coli in that they restore recombination proficiency (Rec+), resistance to ultraviolet light (UVR), and mitomycin C resistance (MCR) in the absence of an accompanying sbcCD mutation. In addition the sbcB alleles reported here are co-dominant to sbcB+. We have also isolated insertion and deletion mutants of the sbcB locus. These null mutations suppress only the UVS phenotype of recB mutants. We have also isolated sbcCD mutations, which map near proC. These sbcCD mutations increase the viability, recombination proficiency and MCR of both the transductional recombination suppressors (sbcB1 & sbcB6) and the sbcB null mutations. S. typhimurium recB sbcB1 sbcCD8 strains are 15-fold more recombination proficient than wild-type strains. The increase in transductants in these strains is accompanied by a loss of abortive transductants suggesting that these fragments are accessible to the mutant recombination apparatus. Using tandem duplications, we have constructed sbcB merodiploids and found that, in a recB mutant sbcCD+ genetic background, the sbcB+ allele is dominant to sbcB1 for transductional recombination but co-dominant for UVR and MCR. However, in a recB sbcCD8 genetic background, the sbcB1 mutation is co-dominant to sbcB+ for all phenotypes. Our results lead us to suggest that the SbcB and SbcCD proteins have roles in RecBCD-dependent recombination.[1]


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