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Intermittent inspiratory chest tube occlusion to limit bronchopleural cutaneous airleaks.

A significant bronchopleural cutaneous fistula (BPCF) developed in a 36-year-old female who required mechanical ventilation for acute respiratory failure. Progressive increase in arterial PCO2 to 75 torr occurred because of inability to effect satisfactory alveolar ventilation. Insertion of unidirectional values into the chest tube drainage apparatus, which were closed synchronously each time the ventilator cycled to the inspiratory phase, allowed effective alveolar ventilation to be achieved with subsequent reduction of arterial CO2 to previous levels. Both high inspiratory (120 torr) and expiratory (23 torr) positive pressures were employed with intermittent mandatory ventilation (IMV). Deleterious effects on cardiopulmonary function were not observed, and the patient was weaned successfully from mechanical support with spontaneous closure of the BPCFs.[1]


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