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IgG subclass antibodies against Parietaria judaica in normal and allergic subjects.

IgG antibody response to the inhalant allergen Parietaria judaica (Pj) and IgG subclass distribution were studied in 82 normal subjects, divided into three groups according to age (0-1, 1-20, and 20-60 years) and in 32 allergic subjects aged 20-60 years. Both normal and allergic subjects showed an IgG response, and all had IgG1 antibodies specific for PjE. Serum IgG2, IgG3, and IgG4 against PjE were detectable in 36%, 46%, and 22% of normal subjects, and in 58%, 31%, and 65% of allergic subjects, respectively. A significant difference in class distribution between allergic and age-matched normal subjects was found only for IgG4 antibodies against PjE (65% and 17%; P < 0.01). The ELISA results were also analyzed quantitatively, taking into account the relative proportion of specific antibodies. Thus, in normal subjects IgG1 antibodies showed a decreasing trend as the age rose, while no differences according to the age of the subject were found for IgG2 and IgG4. When data from allergic subjects (20-60 years) and the age-matched normal group were compared, they were different for the relative percentage of IgG2 only, showing for this a significantly lower value (P < 0.001). The present data indicate that normal and allergic subjects show differences in the IgG isotype distribution depending on their sensitivity and duration of allergen exposure.[1]


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