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Carhart notch and electric bone-conduction audiometry.

The Carhart notch is a depression in the bone-conduction audiogram of patients with clinical otosclerosis. The middle frequencies from 0.5 to 2 kHz, which correspond to the resonance frequency of the middle ear, can be substantially improved following successful stapes surgery. Twenty-nine consecutive patients with clinical otosclerosis were tested 2 weeks before and 7 months after stapes surgery with conventional air-conduction (AC) and bone-conduction (BC) audiometry and electric bone-conduction (EBC) audiometry using an Audimax 500 audiometer. The BC thresholds improved at 0.5-2.0 kHz corresponding to the Carhart notch. On average, the EBC thresholds remained more stable, showing no Carhart phenomenon, which supports the concept that EBC stimulation is not entirely equivalent to conventional BC audiometry, but has a different mode of action on the inner ear.[1]


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