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PCM-1, A 228-kD centrosome autoantigen with a distinct cell cycle distribution.

We report the identification and primary sequence of PCM-1, a 228-kD centrosomal protein that exhibits a distinct cell cycle-dependent association with the centrosome complex. Immunofluorescence microscopy using antibodies against recombinant PCM-1 demonstrated that PCM-1 is tightly associated with the centrosome complex through G1, S, and a portion of G2. However, late in G2, as cells prepare for mitosis, PCM-1 dissociates from the centrosome and then remains dispersed throughout the cell during mitosis before re- associating with the centrosomes in the G1 phase progeny cells. These results demonstrate that the pericentriolar material is a dynamic substance whose composition can fluctuate during the cell cycle.[1]


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