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Distribution of tetracycline resistance determinants among gram-negative bacteria isolated from polluted and unpolluted marine sediments.

Tetracycline-resistant gram-negative bacteria were isolated from four different marine sediments in Scandinavia and analyzed with DNA probes for the determinant classes A to E. Colony hybridizations of 429 isolates revealed that class E is the dominating resistance determinant in these marine sediments. Comparison of fecally polluted and unpolluted sediments showed few determinant classes in unpolluted sediment and a complex composition of several determinant classes in polluted sediment. Total DNA extraction and analysis with DNA probes for determinant classes A to E resulted in no hybridization signal, because of the low number of gram-negative tetracycline-resistant bacteria. Identification of class E isolates revealed that this determinant is present not only in Aeromonas hydrophila, Escherichia coli, and Vibrio salmonicida but also in additional strains.[1]


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