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Chemical Compound Review

tetracycline     (2E,4aS,5aS,6S,12aS)-2- (amino-hydroxy...

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Gene context of tetracycline

  • Wolbachia extracts derived from a mosquito cell line induced similar LPS-dependent TNF-alpha and NO responses from C3H/HeN macrophages, which were eliminated after tetracycline treatment of the bacteria [35].
  • No tumor growth could be observed in mice that received mock-transfected clones or tetracycline to block expression of the E2F mutant constructs in vivo [36].
  • Using a tetracycline-regulated LMP-1 allele, we demonstrate that JNK is also an effector of non-cytotoxic LMP-1 signaling in B cells, the physiological target cells of EBV [37].
  • To test its functional properties, we developed osteosarcoma cell lines expressing WT1 under an inducible tetracycline-regulated promoter [38].
  • We established clonal tetracycline-regulated NIH-3T3 cell lines that inducibly express either wild-type Pak1, a kinase-dead, or constitutively-active forms of this enzyme, and examined the morphology, F-actin organization, and motility of these cells [39].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of tetracycline


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