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Enhancing effects of saccharin on gustatory responses to D-phenylalanine in monkey single chorda tympani fibers.

Taste enhancing effects of sodium saccharin (Sac) on D-phenylalanine (D-Phe), first found in mice, were examined by comparing single fiber responses to various taste stimuli in the monkey chorda tympani nerve. Fifteen fibers sampled were divided into the following 5 groups according to their responsiveness to 5 prototypical taste stimuli; 8 sucrose-, 2 quinine-, 2 acid-, 2 NaCl- and one monosodium glutamate (MSG)-best fibers. Out of 8 sucrose-best fibers, 5 fibers showed enhancement of D-Phe responses after the stimulation with Sac, but neither the remaining 3 sucrose-best fibers nor other fibers showed the enhancement. These results suggest that (1) the enhancement of D-Phe responses by Sac also occurs in the monkey peripheral taste system, and (2) there exist distinct receptor sites for D-Phe responsible for occurrence of the enhancement, and (3) taste cells possessing the D-Phe receptor site are innervated by a limited subpopulation of sucrose-best fibers.[1]


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