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Multiple-dose pharmacokinetics of moxisylyte after oral administration to healthy volunteers.

The pharmacokinetics of moxisylyte in plasma and urine was investigated after oral administration. Twelve subjects were treated orally, twice daily with 240 mg of the drug for 6 days; on day 7, the subjects received a last dose of 240 mg of moxisylyte. Moxisylyte was assayed in plasma and urine by a specific HPLC method with fluorimetric detection. Moxisylyte was absorbed rapidly and changed to its metabolites immediately after drug administration; unchanged moxisylyte was not found in plasma. Two metabolites were found in plasma and urine: conjugated desacetylmoxisylyte (DAM) and the conjugate of desmethylated DAM (MDAM). The pharmacokinetic parameters determined after the first oral administration were not modified on multiple dosing. The apparent elimination half-lives of conjugated DAM and MDAM were 2.3 and 3.5 h, respectively. Elimination of these two metabolites in urine averaged 50 and 10%, respectively.[1]


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