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Heat-induced requirements for sucrose or magnesium for expression of heat resistance in Bacillus cereus forespores.

The addition of 0.6 M sucrose of 0.016 M Mg2+ to the enumeration medium was required for early expression of heat resistance (10 min at 70 degrees C) in stage V Bacillus cereus forspores. The addition of Mg2+ to the sporulation medium did not remove this requirment for sucrose of Mg2+. The heat damage did not affect forespore germination or outgrowth, but injured cells in the absence of sucrose or Mg2+ were not capable of cell division. The heat-induced sublethal damage apparently affected the forspore component(s) that could be repaired or was capable of normal function in the presence of added Mg2+ or sucrose.[1]


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