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The use of rocuronium (ORG 9426) in patients with chronic renal failure.

The pharmacodynamics of an initial dose of 0.6 rocuronium followed by three maintenance doses of 0.15 were studied during nitrous oxide/oxygen/isoflurane anaesthesia in patients with normal renal function (n = 12) and chronic renal failure (n = 12). The mean (SD) duration (min) of block after the initial dose was 28.0 (5.5) and 25.6 (11.7) respectively. The mean (SD) duration (min) of the effect of the three maintenance doses was 15.3 (4.0) and 14.2 (7.0); 17.3 (3.2) and 17.4 (8.7); 18.1 (2.8) and 19.1 (10.1) for the normal and renal failure patients respectively. The induced and spontaneous recovery indices were 3.7 (0.7) and 17.1 (6.9) in the normal group compared with 3.9 (0.5) and 19.0 (12.5) in the renal failure group and these values did not differ between the two groups. In this small study rocuronium appears to be suitable for patients with chronic renal failure. There is no evidence of prolonged block even when the drug is given in repeated doses for maintenance.[1]


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