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Sequence of a fission yeast gene encoding a protein with extensive homology to eukaryotic elongation factor-1 gamma.

A polypeptide with an apparent molecular mass of 23 kDa was identified, that exhibited an affinity to a 491-bp DNA derived from one of the Schizosaccharomyces pombe centromeric DNAs ( cen1). After determining its N-terminal amino acid (aa) sequence, a Sz. pombe genomic DNA encompassing the coding sequence of the isolated protein was cloned, and a 2.3-kb genomic DNA region sequenced. Further sequence analysis of cDNA clones, originating from this particular genomic region, confirmed the existence of an open reading frame with a short intron, which encodes a 409-aa protein with striking homology to eukaryotic elongation factor-1 gamma.[1]


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