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Brain selective inhibition of acetylcholinesterase: a novel approach to therapy for Alzheimer's disease.

It could be argued that clinical experience with cholinergic drugs in the therapy of AD has not yet shown relevant symptomatic improvements. The main reasons for this might be attributed to peripheral cholinergic effects and the liver toxicity of some of these drugs, which limit their use and prevent confirmation of the cholinergic hypothesis (Gray et al., 1989). The main disadvantages of the cholinesterase inhibitors used in clinical trials are the short duration of action in the case of physostigmine and the potential for liver toxicity seen with the aminoacridine derivatives. The results presented with SDZ ENA 713 indicate that the disadvantages of AChE inhibitors might be overcome by improving CNS selectivity and thereby decreasing the peripheral cholinergic effects and toxicity. Clinico-pharmacological studies with SDZ ENA 713 have been performed in healthy volunteers; while central activity was clearly demonstrated in an EEG-sleep study (Holsboer et al., 1992), no prohibitive peripheral side effects were seen, confirming in humans the results obtained in experimental animals (Enz et al., 1991). A multicentre clinical investigation in AD patients has been performed in Europe and is currently being evaluated.[1]


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