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Prodynorphin and vasopressin mRNA levels are differentially affected by chronic ethanol ingestion in the mouse.

Opioid peptides derived from the precursor, prodynorphin, are co-localized with vasopressin in the hypothalamus and posterior pituitary, and vasopressin and prodynorphin synthesis are coordinately regulated during salt-loading. We had previously found that chronic ethanol ingestion resulted in decreased levels of hypothalamic and extrahypothalamic vasopressin mRNA, and the current study investigated the effect of ethanol ingestion on prodynorphin mRNA levels. A cRNA probe was constructed from a PCR product amplified from mouse genomic DNA. Cloning and sequencing of the PCR product revealed that the sequence of the mouse prodynorphin gene used to synthesize the probe is highly conserved, with high sequence similarity to corresponding regions of the gene in other mammalian species. In situ hybridization using the cRNA probe showed a widespread distribution of prodynorphin mRNA in mouse brain. In dehydrated mice, prodynorphin mRNA was significantly increased in the hypothalamus and nearly all other brain areas examined. In ethanol-fed mice, prodynorphin mRNA was also significantly increased in hypothalamus (50-60%) and in most brain areas. In the same mice, measurement of hypothalamic vasopressin mRNA confirmed a significant (approximately 60%) decrease. These results indicate that hypothalamic vasopressin and prodynorphin mRNA can be differentially regulated in certain situations.[1]


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