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The effects of "do", "don't" and "wait" requests training on compliance behavior and stimulus generalization.

Previous implementation of compliance training has involved the use of aversive behaviors, as consequents, which bear neither a topographical nor a functional relationship to the behaviors under training. The present study explores compliance training in which training behaviors, used as consequents, are both topographically and functionally identical to the target behaviors. This study extends the compliance literature through: (1) an analysis of the effects of compliance training in long-term institutionalized mentally retarded adults, (2) the investigation of a third response class "Wait" requests, and (3) an assessment of stimulus generalization. Findings discussed include (a) the treatment effects of compliance training, across response classes, within treatment sessions; (b) the spontaneous generalization of treatment effects outside the treatment conditions; (c) the collateral effects of training upon aggressive outbursts; (d) the heightened potential for the utilization of these techniques in long-term care institutions.[1]


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