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Effects of a lipopolysaccharide from Pantoea agglomerans on the cocaine-induced place preference.

A lipopolysaccharide from Pantoea agglomerans (LPSp) was purified, and its effect on the cocaine-induced place preference was examined in rats. Cocaine (4 mg/kg, i.p.) produced a significant place preference. Administration of LPSp (5-1000 micrograms/kg, i.p.) alone resulted in neither preference nor aversion for either the drug- or saline-associated place. However, pretreatment with LPSp (500 and 1000 micrograms/kg, i.p.) abolished the place preference that had been induced by cocaine. Furthermore, treatment with LPSp (500 micrograms/kg, i.p.) abolished cocaine (20 mg/kg, i.p.)-induced locomotor enhancement in mice. These results suggest that while LPSp itself may possess neither reinforcing nor locomotor enhancing effects, it blocks both the reinforcing and the locomotor enhancing effects of cocaine. Therefore, LPSp might be useful in pharmacotherapy for prevention of recurrent cocaine abuse.[1]


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