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Correlation between membrane glycoprotein and detergent dissected membrane protein in the assessment of LMIF: a report of 51 ALA cases.

Assessment of 51 amoebic liver abscess cases for leukocyte migration inhibition factor released using membrane glycoprotein and detergent dissected membrane protein (DDMP) of axenic Entamoeba histolytica (NIH:200). Lymphokines release by T lymphocytes in response to purified amoebic membrane glycoprotein (PAMG) against whole amoebic lysate (WAL), dissect out protein against whole amoebic lysate and membrane glycoprotein against dissected protein was tested by leukocyte migration inhibition test on blood samples from proved amoebic liver abscess cases. A significant increase was noted in the release of lymphokines and 100% positivity was observed with both PAMG and DDMP compared to 78% with whole amoebic lysate. The difference between means leukocyte migration indices of the membrane glycoprotein and whole amoebic lysate, detergent dissected protein and whole amoebic lysate with regards to release LMIF were found to be highly significant (P < 0.001), (P < 0.005) respectively. But insignificant difference and very much similarity was noted between the means of membrane glycoprotein and dissect out protein sensitized T lymphocytes with regards to lymphokine release in vitro. This shows the patients had high degree of leukocyte sensitized to pure amoebic membrane glycoprotein and detergent dissected membrane protein compared to whole amoebic lysate. These findings indicate that detergent dissected protein has similar antigenicity with membrane glycoprotein in elicitation cell mediated immune response in amoebic liver abscess cases.[1]


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