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Effect of alcohol and exercise on postprandial lipemia and triglyceride clearance in men.

Alcohol intake and exercise have both been found to be related to increased plasma levels of high density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDLC). Exercise training results in decreased postprandial lipemia, and clearance rate of infused lipids is related to plasma lipoprotein levels in physically active men. The effect of alcohol intake on plasma triglyceride (TG) clearance has not been studied in relation to the exercise status of subjects. Plasma TG change over 8 h was determined following a liquid fatty meal in 14 male habitual runners (R) and 13 physically inactive men (I) after 3 weeks of alcohol abstinence and 3 weeks of drinking approximately 41 g (1.44 oz) of ethanol per day. Fasting total cholesterol and apolipoprotein A-1 (apo A-1) were not different between groups, but TG was lower and HDLC, HDL2C, and HDL3C were higher in the runners. After abstinence, I had slower TG clearance (P = 0.07) compared with R; with alcohol, TG clearance was unchanged in R, but was significantly retarded in I. With alcohol, both groups had increased HDLC levels, but this mainly was due to an increase in HDL3C in R and HDL2C in I; apo A-1 increased similarly in both groups and fasting TG increased significantly only in I. Alcohol-induced increases in postprandial lipemia and retardation of TG clearance appear to occur in inactive, but not exercise-trained subjects and the effect of alcohol on plasma HDL subfractions may differ between these groups.[1]


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