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Emulsification and fatty-acid chain length affect the utilization of medium-chain triglycerides by neonatal pigs.

Three experiments were conducted using 52 pigs between 22 and 35 h of birth to determine the effects of emulsification and fatty-acid chain length on utilization of medium-chain triglycerides (MCT). After a 4-h period during which feed was withheld, pigs were force-fed 6 mL of nonemulsified (NE) MCT or 20 mL of a 30% (vol/vol) Tween 80-(polyoxy-ethylene [20] sorbitan monooleate) MCT emulsion, marking time 0, and serial blood samples were drawn throughout 8 h for analysis of medium-chain fatty acid (MCFA) concentrations by HPLC. In Exp. 1, pigs received either NE or emulsified Tri-C4, -C5, -C6, or -C7. The emulsified treatments were discontinued due to deaths caused by coma resulting from high concentrations (up to 12 mM) of plasma MCFA. Concentrations in pigs fed emulsified MCT were 2.5-fold higher than those in pigs fed NE MCT. In pigs fed NE MCT, concentrations of even-chain-length MCFA were higher than those of odd-chain-length MCFA (P < .001), with a tendency for C6 to be higher than C4 (P < .1). In Exp. 2 and 3, pigs received an equimolar mixture of MCT in either emulsified or NE form. In Exp. 2, the mixture contained Tri-C4 through Tri-C7; whereas, in Exp. 3 the mixture contained Tri-C4, -C6, -C8, and -C10. A three-way interaction (emulsion x fatty acid x sample time; P < .05) was observed in both experiments.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)[1]


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