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Perceived exertion during hypobaric hypoxia in low- and moderate-altitude natives.

Ratings of perceived exertion (RPE) were examined in six low- ( LAN) and eight moderate- (MAN) altitude natives during exercise at their residence (home) altitude (366 m and 2,200 m, respectively) and 1-4 wk later following 2-d decompression to 4,270 m (447 mm Hg). Cardiorespiratory, plasma lactate, and differentiated RPE measures were obtained at exercise intensities representing 35, 55, 75, 85, and 100% VO2peak. In general, cardiorespiratory and plasma lactate values were similar in LAN and MAN at their residence altitudes and during hypobaric hypoxia. However, the decrease in VCO2 was greater (P < 0.05) in LAN than MAN. At their residence altitudes, both LAN and MAN reported local RPE values that were greater (P < 0.05) than central ratings at the moderate to high exercise intensities. At 447 mm Hg, central and local RPE were similar in LAN. However, there was a significant correlation between acute mountain sickness (AMS) symptoms and central RPE (r = 0.875) across the five exercise intensities in LAN. The differences between the central and local RPE noted in MAN during their residence testing also persisted at 447 mm Hg. Thus, differentiated ratings of perceived exertion were similar in MAN at their residence altitude and at 4,270 m, but not in LAN subjects. Several factors, including AMS, may have contributed to this group difference in the RPE response.[1]


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